There is much activity to report. Been writing steadily these past 6 weeks and the book is looking good, coming along fine. I’m starting to browse though my journals for 2010, pulling out important bits and passages, and working them into the writing. At the same time, starting to build content into Part Two – the exercises, tips and tools section.

  • Sent a book proposal to Beacon Publishing (Matthew Kelly’s company) on Friday, Feb. 12. They turned it down but only after KiCam had already accepted to publish!!! you read that right, i’m going to be published – February 21, 2017!
  • Sent endorsement request to Tom Harpur – his office suggested I ask again once a publisher agrees to publish. So, today I followed up and he agreed! He wrote wonderful words to help promote it.  What a gem of a man.
  • Sent endorsement request to Clara Hughes – no response
  • Sent idea to Father Jerry, for a speaker ‘series’ for an evening where re-energized parishioners could tell their stories of faith and being re-energized through Holy Spirit, including mine. Said i was halfway through writing my book. – no response

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