One Hour from Done

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

I figure I am less than one hour away from ‘finishing’ my first draft. That’s how close I am from having all the bits in one place – bits from my journals, from my private blog, from my 2010 daily planner, from my source books, and from my head. That is a major milestone!

Next step is to connect with my ‘developmental editor’ Katie Carroll (just sent email for a chat); I already know she’s awesome because she came up with the brilliant idea to leave my pics out of the book and instead, focus my blog around them, as well as the many creative projects that I got into during my sabbatical year and since, as part of my creativity fix. Brilliant, eh!! it was one of those ideas that as soon as I read it in an email, i knew it was so right for me.

My initial draft has 53,500 words and my contract stipulates 48-50,000, which leaves a decent cushion for edits. On the one hand i can’t believe I’ve written 143 pages – it seems I only had 50 a very short time ago; I kinda knew that Part Two would fill out quite well, as it provided the opportunity to go deeper into the how I managed my healing, providing plenty of details. I feel really good about it.

Next step for me will be to print out a copy and read the thing – i know there will be so many changes and fixes and re-jigging, and moving bits from the back to the middle. That will take me several weeks, maybe until the end of May. Then, my personal editor (Roberto) will give it a read… he will suggest changes too. And finally, I will send it to Katie.

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