Rockin n’a Rollin

May 15, 2016

Currently in discussions regarding the contract. Basically, the publisher wants every right imaginable in perpetuity, and I would prefer to give them only the rights they plan to need (for a limited, reasonable amount of time). And other odds ‘n ends. I expect a quick response because they don’t mess around, at least not so far.

They’ve answered my questions and have improved on a couple things…

I’ve got about 45,000 words and they want between 48-50,000; no shvetsky! I only wrote about 5 hours on Saturday due to head retaliation! and headache on Sunday.

But, I know the date of my retirement: Friday, September 9!! eehaw!! full-time author / blogger / podcaster, maybe student life/creativity coach. I’m really in the groove now… :)))

AND, Tom Harper has agreed to endorse my book, man…. this thing is rockin’!! And he has already sent his blurb along – what a wonderful, giving soul 🙂

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