How It All Began

Thursday, May 15, 2014

I want to write a book!

Yes, you heard right! I want to capture my personal journey with mental illess in a book. It’s easy to self-publish these days and i do have something important to contribute to the discussion. I would use a blog as foundation and who knows, other stuff will surely come.

I would talk about the tools that i used in getting to my current healthy place, like Sonia Choquette’s course on “Creating Your Heart’s Desire”, CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy), and how the psych. re-assessment turned out to be a blessing ’cause that’s what led to the right meds. In fact, following Spirit’s guidance would certainly be at the core of the story. How i viewed the task of becoming well as my full-time job, and applied the Law of Attraction to the project. How risk-taking played a key role too.

Friday, May 16, 2014 (before work)

It is often said that in order to find one’s mission in life, you should look inside yourself to find your greatest wound, and that this is where you could find your mission. Well, I can state with utter conviction that writing this book – and speaking publicly about my healing journey from mental illness to mental wellness – is very much my mission.

And also, that I am smack dab in the middle of what I am meant to be doing – right now. What utter satisfaction and contentment – that’s what I am feeling as I write this evening.

They also say not to get too tied to your mission once you find it, because a person will likely have a number of different missions in their lifetime. But as of today, I know without a doubt in my body and soul that I have surely found my mission. And that my Divine partner is right beside me – if not ahead of me illuminating my direction. I feel soooo awesome and secure in that knowledge! I don’t know that I have ever experienced something with such certainty and clarity!!!

Now, where do I start with writing book? do I build a structure the way I did with my essays at university? or do I allow creativity simply to flow from my fingers to the page, pêle mêle? Robert dug up his copy of Stephen King’s A Memoir of the Craft (of writing); I will dive into it tonight for my bed-time reading.  Also, Robert found his copy of The Elements of Style for me, which is the most recommended book on writing. So that’s where I’ll start, with the basics.

I absolutely LOVE the idea of writing, writing and more writing on a topic that is so dear to my heart and that I know intimately, an area in which I am indeed a specialist, because I am my own specialist. If not me, than who? What a delight! 

Same day (after work)

I have recruited two ‘believing-eyes’ for my super team – Heather (i want to use her open-circle painting for the cover of my book) and Karan (who offered to help with marketing!). I also hope to recruit Cheryl, and Sue of course.

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