I Don’t Believe in Guilt

Breakthrough Boot Camp Guilt QuoteI don’t believe in guilt. When I tell people this (I’ve mentioned it to only a few) they look at me askance, wondering if I am trying to be funny. The look says, “Come one, everyone feels guilty about something. Besides, guilt is not something you choose to do, it picks you.” But I disagree; I believe it IS a choice we make, to guilt or not to guilt.

The way I see it is, if I give my best to life, and that includes making old wrongs right within what’s possible, it means that I get to be free of that useless emotion called guilt.

Choose to carry guilt if you must, but know that it is a choice you make, not a duty. A habit, sure, but not an obligation.

I’m not saying it is easy to get rid of the guilt once it has taken up residence. I AM saying that not only is it possible to nullify it (with personal work and seeking forgiveness), it’s necessary to do so for wellness. Speaking from experience, sometimes we hang on to guilt even after we have received forgiveness from the Highest. Somehow, we feel that Her forgiveness is not quite good enough, that we know better in judging that we still deserve the guilt. It takes discipline to continually reject it until it stops showing up.

We are experts at being down on ourselves; we’ve been trained by the best from a very early age! But old guilt can be undone with enough determination. And it starts with acknowledging our worthiness. “I am worthy enough to be rid of this guilt.” Why hang on to something that serves no good purpose, at this stage in the game? I see no reason for it. And I’m saying that you can do it. But it’s not a snap of the fingers. Like all worthwhile causes it takes some work, the best kind of work.

I make a temporary exception for the guilt that comes from having wronged someone, which can only be cleared by making amends (when it is still possible to do so). That is a constructive kind of guilt that should only be kept temporarily. Anything else is unnecessary (and destructive).

That’s my view.

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