My Personal Altar

wp-1465760450200.jpgI set up my altar as a reminder that connection with Spirit needs daily tending. And, like a garden, the more you play in it, the more you get from the time spent there. And the more important spending time with the Divine becomes. In time, the connection strengthens and begins to lighten your day. I wanted my space to make it easy to be in God’s precious silence, anytime.

I only have a small room which doubles as an office and library. It is filled with a corner desk, and two bookshelves and a filing cabinet. I scavenged thrift stores and eventually found a small wood table to fit into the remaining corner of the room. I covered it with a white embroidered cloth and voila, an altar was born.

Establishing a morning ritual helped to quickly get in the right frame of mind and body. A skinny beeswax candle sits at the centre of my altar. As I light it each morning, I say these words: “With this light, I invoke Divine presence.” Next, I shake a pottery bell three melodious jingles while I speak these words, “With this sound, I invite my loving angels.”

Laid on my altar are precious mementos gathered from spiritual retreats, including a photo of my mom with whom I was fortunate to have shared several retreats. She knows how much I love her (I tell her all the time) and she is pleased with my spiritual progress. Seeing her image there makes me smile as does the tiny statue of my namesake, Archangel Michael.

Of course, I can connect with Spirit without an altar as I go about my day, but my morning appointments are special; they provide a sense of calm and help focus my mind and emotions on what’s ahead in the day; these sessions ground me, and remind me of what’s important that day, between me and God

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