It’s Not Good

It could be worse – I know ’cause I have lived throught worse – but it’s not great either. Depression is still with me after nearly 3 weeks; I expected it to lift after a couple weeks like it did before… but I was wrong. This is the real thing.

The doc has prescribed not fiddling with my meds at this point (because I’ve had such adverse reactions to drugs in the past, and why mess with what’s working, right?) and taking one month away from the workplace, to give me time enough to rebuild my strength and stamina, my mental capacity and the brain’s functionality.

I am using the tools I know well, including: self-compassion, CBT, daily exercise, daily meditation, and plenty of rest in balance with doing things that I know I love (like making stuff creatively even though I must push myself through the process – I know my brain needs it) as well as being with friends and good neighbours.

I popped into the office this afternoon to drop something off and was rewarded with a lovely get-well gift from my section and a gorgeous card they all signed, along with their good wishes.IMG_20160629_191011What a very thoughtful thing for them to do! It sure warmed my heart and lifted my mood at least a foot!

Thank you my dear friends and colleagues 🙂 Today, you have made a difference in my life.

Love to you, all!

M i c h e l e

2 thoughts on “It’s Not Good

  1. Sylvia Swiderski says:

    Désolée, Michèle….hugs, hugs, hugs. (Is this a recent today post or old one?) Hugs anyway….xxxx Sylvia

    via CloudMagic Ema


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