When the day is not great

Some days are good, other days are really not. On a good day it feels natural to write in my blog, something that might inspire others who are in the midst of their personal struggles. But on a bad day, that’s not so easy. Take today for example – I woke up feeling uninspired, non-creative, disconnected, heavily foggy-brained. But I’m posting here anyway because that’s what I preach: when you don’t really feel like doing a thing, do it anyway. The ‘feel-like-it’ just might surprise you and arrive later. So here goes…

Lately, this relapse of mine has behaved more like burnout than depression – until today, that is, when depression dropped in for a visit. It comes and goes, up and down, yet the state of burnout remains.

Although creativity is absent today, its splendour was with me yesterday when I worked on weaving a colourful wrap, which I plan to sell at an artisan show. I intend to make a few more since I enjoy the colourplay so much – it’s a real treat, like picking out candy from an old-time general store. It’s all play! That is, on a good day.

close up of weaving projectToday, however, trying to finish the piece was so HARD, and a tad disheartening. (How can the creative process be so natural one day and stuck-in-the-muck the next?) But that is just he way of this illness – unpredictable, determined, sneaky and steadfast. It takes what it wants, and comes at it pleases. Say hello to relapse!

Here’s hoping that tomorrow feels sunny on the inside as well as out.

God bless!


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