On Friday, my dearest friend Sue and I got together for pizza. We hadn’t seen each other for awhile, what with my relapse, vacationing in New Brunswick and spending solo time at the cabin, the weeks passed. But honestly, I hadn’t felt up to hanging out until now. And I’m glad I did (as is always the case once I push myself out there).

Sue celebrated my birthday with the most thoughtful gifts, including this lovely tea mug that touched my heart – because I feel the same about her. We were brought together by Spirit about 7 years ago and grow together in spirit, still.

Socializing is important for raising the mood – and although I KNOW this, and I encourage people in that direction all the time, I still find it so hard at times to take that social step. I feel that I have nothing of interest to share, nothing to give. I feel excrutiatingly dull and I don’t like people to feel badly for me, or uncomfortable because they are doing all the talking. How draining that can be. So, I pick my closest friends, those who understand depression and have no expectations of me, who are able to accept where I’m at right now and be okay with it. That takes a special friend indeed. I am sooo fortunate to have several of these awesome women in my life – Sue, Carol and Heather, you mean the world to me!! THANK YOU for your authentic, heart-filled friendship. Xox

Love, Michele

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