Back to basics

I lost my way for a bit there but i’m back on track now – and it feels simply marvelous!

Like a barn rat hunted by a Fox Terrier and shaken to within a hair of its life, I was caught in the grips of depression, distracted from life by its dark and all-consuming emotions. Only, while in the midsts of feeling dragged through the muck, I was mostly unaware of my situation and far from knowing what to do to change the channel. It’s just that I didn’t care, had no get-up-and-go, no interest in much of anything, just putting myself through the day and looking forward to bed time so it could be over.

Finally, it was a brighter day and none too soon because I had a deadline to meet for my book and I needed my brain for that. Phew, I got the work done in one day – and exhausted myself – because there’s no telling what tomorrow will bring to this head of mine. And, thanks to a clearer brain engaged in reviewing parts of my book, it suddenly dawned on me that I wasn’t implementing all the things I had learned and which got me out of my previous mental illness event back in 2010!

Holy! How could I have missed that?

The problem is, when I’m in a depressed state I don’t recall those things I learned to do that turned depression around. It’s tricky to have the knowledge but not know that you know… how can you access the information when you don’t know you need it?

I wish I could clone my healthy self to coach me back to health! I actually thought about getting a coach, who would first read my book then coach me accordingly. But I think I can do that for myself now, because I finally remembered that it starts with making a plan. Even just the start of a plan will do:


4. Colour-coded cards of things to do (social, nature, household, creative)

  1. Start the day by connecting with Spirit through meditation.
  2. Adapt my thoughts to law-of-attraction thinking and the power of intention.
  3. Attend morning mass.
  4. List ‘good things to do’ on index cards to choose from when I’m at a loss, e.g., spend time in nature writing my blog, go roller-blading, do creative activity, cook a new recipe – because any of these activities can turn the mood around, quite dramatically.
  5. Establish a daily routine that allows flexibility (bought $3 planner with month at-a-glance calendar, and coloured index cards for above – good ol’ dollar store!)
  6. Keep tabs of to-do’s for book publishing.
  7. Attend Tuesday Toastmasters.
  8. Practice playing bodhran.
  9. Do hula-hoop exercises.
  10. Review Perfectly Yourself book since it was the turning point for me the last time.

OMG, do I ever feel better!!!! And more secure now that I have my compass back.

And, I noted my progress in my Hi-5 book… It’s all in my book!




2 thoughts on “Back to basics

  1. Lorraine Dal Bello says:

    Thank you so much Michele. I admire your writing, your honesty and courage. Through a book or in person, giving good advice is easy; the hard part is following one’s own advice, especial;l;y good advice 🙂 Thank you for the inspiration and big congrats to you. Atta girl, girlfriend! Big big hugs.



  2. Kristin_Lia says:

    Can’t wait to read your book! I’m so curious about everyone’s progress since us KiCam authors are all in on slightly different timelines. When is yours coming out again? January/February-ish?


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