Expansion – Contraction

It’s when I seek expansion that I know I am well.

Open to the world, a desire to connect with friends, to meet new people, to expand my experience, to give of myself and my skills to the community. Not only thinking broad and wide, but going deep with people too. Letting them know me.


from furry logic by jane seabrook

But sometimes I crave contraction. To take care of myself, protect the open and vulnerable me like a crab covers her soft centre, ensuring that my primary needs are being met (sleep, eat, solitude and home life) and spending time journaling, reading, quiet time in prayer and meditation, and exercising my creativity muscle by allowing my hands to make things.

There’s a time for one and a time for the other; spirit knows and reaches out to one, or the other. All I have to do is notice, and listen. Sounds simple, right? But it takes determination and practice to look after yourself well.

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