What is Brave?

People say I am brave, that I have such courage.
But that implies I have fear to overcome.
And yet, I don’t have fear – not anymore!
Fear – is when depression robs me of all emotion – the joy, the sadness, the anger, the satisfaction, the fun of life.
Fear – is having to BE with people.
And knowing that I will never be well, that my old self is gone – gone nowhere.

Is it brave to know my mission and be commited to seeing it through? To tell my story far and wide in the hopes that it might help someone, maybe you?
To be handed all the supports I need to achieve my goal?
I call that fortunate. And gratitude.
Grateful for the fortitude and insights that I have gained from what life has taught me.
Thankful for the opportunities I’ve been given.


Is it brave to have the priviledge to share my deepest truth?
To teach seekers how they too, can build self-esteem and gain confidence in themselves?
To demonstrate how self-discipline can lead to ultimate freedom?

Is it brave to be granted a platform to tell of my recovery and healing from one of the most pervasive and debilitating illnesses in today’s society?

Maybe what they see is their own fear.
Their vulnerability and the need to keep that locked away.
Maybe they choose to keep things undistrubed, comfortable.
Because what I have to say disturbs. People are moved. They hurt. They are relieved.
They are thankfull that someone is saying what needs to be told.

They don’t see what I see…
The blessing it is to know that I am alive.
To feel, to speak, to express my vitality!

People say that I am brave. They admire my courage.

What I say is this. I am simply following a call to be the person I was designed to be.
A call to be fully alive. To Inspire.
And to give people hope.


Image from 4bpblogspot.com

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