Creative play

It takes discipline to get out of your own way to allow Spirit the freedom and the space she craves to express herself fully, deeply. I am learning this important thing from my abstract artist friend. Learning how to invite and let my spirit flow.

Her spirit likes shapes, and colour, and texture, and reflection, and light, and how things are underwater. She likes blues and whites and greens and metallic surfaces. And she likes to mix it all up, and explore ‘what ifs’…

Like an engine revving itself up to the possibilities, for weeks before engaging in a surge of output, my friend can sense creativity bubbling beneath the surface – her eyes notice special beauty in everyday objects. In nature, the sounds and the sights are sharpened. She observes herself notice a certain tint of blue-green everywhere she goes.

My friend is a keenly perceptive soul, sensing energies deeply as they fly or drift through her realm. This sharpened sensitivity can, at times, make her feel extra vulnerable. She often must erect a protective shield to help maintain her personal wellness, but sometimes she forgets. I yearn to protect her too, if I could, but know that this is not the way the game of life is played. I can only feel with her, and understand that spirit is preparing her for play. I must be content to observe, and recognize that this is her creative process.

My curiosity longs to better understand and learn from her. Because I want lots of spirit play in my life, pure creative play that is unconcerned with production or outcome. Lately, I’ve been wanting to invent a new colour, something never before seen. I yearn to know more colours. I wonder what it will be…

musical notes on the corner of a quiltToday, I played with colour as I stitched musical notes on the edges of my Delta Blues quilt. After three years of on-again-off-again work, I look forward to hanging it in our central room.

She is a talented and giving teacher, my friend. Being in her company expands my mind. I love it!

May you allow creativity when it knocks.


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