Women on the pill

Depression is more than an illness that affects a person’s mood. They call it a mood disorder and it certainly does pull your head down into darkness, but it’s also much more than that. My goodness, depression prevents your mind from functioning normally, from thinking or feeling, from making choices (what to eat or what bus to take). It makes you feel zapped out, disconnected from the world, from yourself and from everything else (even your own kids!).

It’s a breakdown of the brain’s functioning, likened to a blown electrical fuse. If it’s bad enough, it can prevent you from earning a living. You may find yourself sitting like a blob waiting for the minutes to pass. And you’re desperate to get yourself out of this state but you don’t know how. It’s a TERRIBLE and grueling experience, particularly if you try to keep up the illusion of normalcy – the toughest work I’ve ever tried.

Depression is a serious medical condition. When I read in the news today about a Danish study that shows a link between the contraceptive pill and depression, especially in teenaged girls, I thought, “Hey, wait a minute, we should care about that. This is a very serious side-effect, one that, in my view, is unacceptable. Women on the pill, you do NOT want depression!”

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