Autumn colours

Imagine, you are siting comfortably in the front-seat row, being ‘chauffeured’ from your cabin-in-the-woods along a scenic country road heading north-northwest towards Bancroft, Ontario. You are on the leading edge of autumn’s peak show of colours. You find yourself absorbing the bright and gorgeous hues of yellow, orange, pumpkin, deep oxblood red, chartreuse, jade green, lime, and pink. (I haven’t identified which tree it is but I was pleasantly surprised by the true pinkness of its foliage; it adds a touch of je ne sais quoi!) What a lovely treat for the eyes and the creative’s soul. Imagine your heart and spirit filling up as if pumped with fuel at a gas station – except there is no bottom in this well.

Your mind begins creating fibre blends to keep you spinning happy for a good while. These colours are hot and vibrant, a last breath of life for the time being, their final gift for those who take the time to see.

a palette of coloured fibres on a carder

What a thrill to search my fibre stash this morning and locate most of the colours from yesterday, in my own cupboard! I need only a few to make my palette complete: apple green and sunny yellow – of which I ran out already – and which I will dye. I’ll be all set then, for creating central Ontario colour blends.

Heading to New Brunswick in 9 days, I look forward to blending a different set of rolags (what spinners make when blending fibres using carders), ones that capture a distinct and more easterly show of colours. Spinning those blends will enable me to take home a bit of the autumn that my maritime family enjoys.

How pleasant nature is when in full splendour.

God bless!


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