The value of hard work

No. Personal change is not easy, but how worthwhile!

encouraging words on how thoughts become destinyOnce you have crystilized your Vision – you must first take time to do this part for it is important that your destination be super clear in your mind – then, start with the 3 Ds:

  1. be Determined,
  2. be Disciplined, and
  3. Demonstrate your Progress

You wish things were different but are you willing to do the work to create the change? To change how you think? To change the stories you tell yourself? Are you ready to change how you feel about you, and prepare your mind to experience a new future self (to visualize and experience it before the change takes place)?

Be Determined
Are you willing to do this work? Because it IS work, not easy stuff. It goes against everything you have been taught, all that you have internalized along your life’s journey. I am asking you to change who you are, who you want to be, who you will be. I am asking you to love yourself better, to believe that you are worthy, to shatter the falsehoods from the past including lazy thinking, to take charge of your mental health and your care. I am asking you to treat yourself better, the way you would care for a good friend.

Today can be the first day of this change, if you are willing. If you want it so badly that you are willing to put self-discipline in front, and focus your full energy towards the goal.

Be Disciplined
It won’t be easy. Your family, friends and colleagues may not like the change and push back, as they insist on getting you back into their view of who you are. It will take your full determination to stand up and say, no, that was the old me and this is the new, take it or leave it. Will you be ready to walk away from relationships that can’t withstand the positive change in you? Are you willing to commit to your best self?

You don’t deserve to be small. God did not create you that way. He created you to be your full self, your greatest self. Are you willing to believe in an expanded image, still ‘you’ but more of you? Are you ready to ‘fall in like’ with yourself? If you are devoted to making the change happen then hop on board. This could be the ride of your life 🙂

Mark down your progress in a Hi-5 Book
To every action there is an equal re-action. It’s physics. This law is true of people connections too, since relatonship is dynamic. Be ready that when you change, those close to you will react – positively or negatively, silently or outspoken, but they will react.

You are teaching them how you now wish to be treated – with respect, as a worthy person, someone with skills, ideas and feelings. You may experience small steps forward as if they were huge (because they likely are for you) when you hold your ground out of self-resspect. It’s important to make note of those times in a book, not just in your mind. It not only convinces your subconscious of the new you, but you may one day benefit from reading about those sucesses. They could add up to something big for you. While you’re there, also jot down compliments and Hi-5s you receive, no matter how seemingy trivial. They do add up in the brain. And that’s where all this change is taking place, in your brain.

I know you can do it! It just takes hard work. And I’m cheering you on!!

God’s grace,


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