Black Beauty

At uncle Arnold’s in the village of Gagetown, New Brunswick, the pace of life is slow and calm, where one delights in the sinple things, like walking the kilometre along Norwood Road into the village; that’s usually as ambitious as it gets here. And it feels real good.

I am spending three weeks with uncle, helping to sort out “stuff” in his sprawling bungalow including aunt Barb’s clothes, which she took great pleasure in judging by the quality garments she left behind and the care she took in organizing and putting them away properly! Her wall-to-wall closet was stuffed with clothing and shoes, as well as an antique baby high chair complete with a full-sized doll like one I played with as a girl in the 1950s.

The last item I managed to free out of the dark storage space was a black case about one-foot square with a solid carrying handle. I thought it must be filled with old 45 vinyl records or photographs. But no, it was a sewing machine, a Singer Featherweight 221K in pristine condition!

Wow, what a treasure to find this original here, in a house where no thread or thimble existed that I could find. Based on this mini-machine’s serial number, she was built in Scotland and ‘finished’ in St-John, Quebec (these days known as St. Jean). Aunt Barb would have bought it new, Arnold assures me, likely in 1958. And this Black Beauty is now mine!


The eleven-pound delight put a smile on my face and a dance in my step for days! She’s a machine that makes my heart beat just a little faster. I have no intention of moving her to Ontario however, because she is used to a slow moving lifestyle, prefering to wait it out down home for my attention during our annual summer visits with Robert and me.

Thank you, aunt Barb, for taking such good care of this dear sewer’s treasure.

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