Living with colour

When my weaving teacher, Bronwyn, asked what I would like to work on during our upcoming weaving sessions in Gagetown, New Brunswisk, I said I wanted to learn more about colour – the theory and especially its technical aspects. I’m an intuitive colour fan (a huge one) but I don’t have formal training and haven’t thought much about what makes colours work together – i just know when they do. And I love how colour can influence emotion.

Bronwyn had me select colours from her stash of bright cotton threads to create what the weaving world calls a colour gamp – it was so much fun that I see more of these gamps in my future, as a way of exploring how tones and shades affect one another and enjoy each other’s company.


My first colour gamp

Last evening, I returned my teacher’s books and table loom on which I had been working these past weeks, practicing how to read drafts to produce patterns like chevrons and herrignbone. That’s when my most generous teacher gifted me a wonderful book from her shelves: ColorWorks – the crafter’s guide to color by Deb Menz. I have already begun to devour it bite by scrumptuous bite. Ms Menz takes the reader on a hands-on tour and workshop on colours, which is exactly what I had been missing. (Thank you, Bronwyn, you are a delight! Your gift means so much to me 🙂


Page from ‘ColorWorks’ by Deb Menz


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