A lovely little PJ

Aunt Barb was smaller than me. But the cozy flannel PJ in a red Snoopy pattern that she left behind called to me anyway. I was determined to find a way to size it up a notch! Because there is no way that I could not take it home with me. And also no way that I would find matching fabric to enlarge it. Instead, I bought a piece of fannel in similar colours – a herringbone look in reds, black, and greys. I cut out a wedge of fabric and sewed it in the back of the top and added a strip of cloth along the sides of the bottoms. Perfect!


PJ top

Now, on top of being reminded of Barb as I cosy into bed, the pj will also remind me of how creativity can come to us in unexpected ways. Creativity, my healing friend, I welcome you in all ways and places. You light up my life!

2 thoughts on “A lovely little PJ

  1. Sylvia says:

    So cool, Michèle!…
    Reminds me when I was around 20 yrs old, making a long skirt with bib out of my old jeans overalls, same idea, added colourful front panel, narrow at top, wide at bottom. Loved that skirt, wore that thing a lot….
    Hugs, sis, xxxxxxx


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