A bow named Joy

My custom-made bow arrived this week and what a sweet thing she is! In rainbow colours that exemplify a joyful heart, she makes mine soar. Red, yellow, pink, orange, blue, and green, there’s no match like her! Pretty girl, I’ve named her Joy (how could she carry any other name?) But she is more than her looks: built super strong, lightweight, fast, and with the flexibility to grow with me as my skills improve. But she does not believe in camouflage… she wants to be seen to maybe make someone’s day.


Her colours represent the hope I tried to capture in my book: A Joyful Life. Already, Joy has opened conversation on the struggle for mental health, on the need to engage in creativity and most important, on getting appropriate treatment. And not giving up.

I know the scenario following diagnosis only too well, how tough it is to connect with the right treatment, the right therapist, the right medication. But giving up is NOT an option – perseverance, the only route.

Yesterday I bought material for making a padded carrying bag for Joy, to protect her from bumps and scratches. I can’t wait to show that to you too!

God’s grace,


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