Creativity in a knitting challenge

My daughter is a civil engineer in Calgary specializing in waste-water management. Her life philosophy doesn’t allow her to throw anything out until it is very dead. (She still wears a navy hand-me-down cardigan from her high school days.) When I arrived from my first stop in New Brunswick for a visit with my daughter’s family, on top of enjoying my 14-month old grandson’s amazing sprouting and expanded abilities, and relishing his sweet company, my daughter presented me with knitting challenge: to lengthen her Herbivore shawlette that I made for her five or six years ago. She thinks of me as a knitting engineer so I did not wish to disappoint her illusions. This should be easy-peazy for mom, she thought.

shawl design and new yarn

Hmm… I saw two challenges to the task. First, since the piece is quite structural in its design and ends in a point, I would need to build a new section around the point, one that widens into its own unit, then join to this a second piece that would decrease into a new point.

Second, because I had used hand-spun wool from fibre bought in Vancouver I knew the chances of finding yarn of similar colour and weight would be next to impossible, so I planned to use a yarn in a complementary colour instead. Off I went to my favourite LYS in Calgary, Stash Lounge, only to locate the impossible! With a gladdened heart, I proceeded to design on the fly, knitting both sides of the shawlette at once using the magic loop technique (because I can’t be bothered writing down a pattern that I make up as I knit, in order to replicate it.) I happened to have the perfect needles with me since I’d been knitting little socks for my boy. (Well, technically he’s her boy but who’s fussy.)


Foggy photo but significantly longer wings…

I couldn’t be happier with the result 🙂 And I think the addition is the prettiest part of the project. I just LOVE when creativity works that way!

Thank you, Caroline, for the knitting challenge. You make my heart sing. XOX

3 thoughts on “Creativity in a knitting challenge

  1. Anne Swiderski says:

    Sounds familiar. Just yesterday, an artist friend and I were chatting about the fact that a painting is a solution to a problem. Its a series of problems we come up with, and then go through the fun, the challenge, the growth, and then the deep satisfaction of having solved them.

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