Tom Harpur will not be reading my book

Tom Harpur is one Canadian whom I profoundly admire. This brilliant, deeply spiritual and generous man died on January 2 at 87 years. (I choose to use the present tense because I will continue to admire him and his thinking always.)tom-harpur

This past Christmas I was gifted two of his books that were new to me, one of which explores other-worldly healing (The Uncommon Touch, 1994), something I have personally experienced on more than one occasion. No topic scared him from going public. It seems that he felt accountable to his maker and noone else.

Harpur devoted his life to exploring such sensitive questions as, is there life after death, is Jesus for real, what is God and does “He” still matter in our modern world? He did this as an ordained Anglican priest.

Given his broad background that began with growing up in a family with fundamentalist beliefs, through religious studies that prepared him for leading an Anglican congregation while teaching the New Testament at the University of Toronto’s School of Theology, then becoming a journalist for the Toronto Star on the Religion and Spirituality beat for over a decade – he managed his career with an open, beginner mind and an insatiable appetite for learning until the end of his life. He never stopped exploring.

I so admire his sense of curiosity in discovering his truth, challenging deep-seated beliefs, knowing that his faith continued to evolve based on where his searching led. What a man. And what generous soul!

Thank you, Tom Harpur, for endorsing my book. I will never forget that you believed in me, and I know that I can count on your ongoing support.

with love, Michèle

One thought on “Tom Harpur will not be reading my book

  1. Sue says:

    Thank you for this post Michele. What a huge, sad loss for Canada and for all who knew him and/or have read him. i picked up a book of his yesterday – ‘God Help Us’ ~ a collection of some of his columns. This book seems all the more precious to me; knowing he has left this physical plane. But his words and his spirit live on 🙂


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