I created another book (I didn’t say write!)

They are called quiet books and are the latest thing for encouraging toddlers to spend time quietly entertaining themselves. They are made with cloth and a sewing machine. I am hoping that my Felix takes to it as a welcomed distraction for a boy who does not favour being harnessed in the back seat of the car. It is just not his favourite thing!

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Who knows, maybe this unique book will engage his imagination just enough… to allow his driver to make it home without the shrieks of a distraught child desperate for his freedom. After all, he could be zipping up a pseudo fur animal, velcro-ing birds inside a pocket, looking at his own reflection with penguins, imagining himself riding a bicycle or sailing a boat, or practicing the snap closure to get his helmet strap closed!

Here’s hoping this portable activity centre will travel wherever he does, becoming a companion with whom to share the misery of being restrained. Quietly.



2 thoughts on “I created another book (I didn’t say write!)

  1. S Scott says:

    the book is so fun!!! i want to see the rest of the pages up close… they are amazing. and what, to me, is a perfect example of your creative genius. you are my creative mentor:)

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