Another Book Review – 5 Hearts!

While I am not totally surprised by the pre-launch success of my book – because we know that Spirit is leading this effort 🙂 – it does amaze me all the same. First came a glowing review by a well-read Canadian blogger, next my Mental Health Checklist was published in a hugely-read website, Mind Body Green (“Where has this guide been all our lives!”) and now it’s a five-heart review (they use hearts instead of stars) from an insider book publication, Forward Reviews.

Forward Reviews is a trade publication for indie publishers and those who work in the industry, like buyers for mid- to major bookstores, and librarians, and small bookstore owners. These folks really matter. Because we want A Joyful Life to be in every bookstore across this beautiful land and in the hands of buyers. We want general public readers to know what this book has to say, and then tell all their friends and make it go viral like Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat Pay Love! (maybe not THAT viral.)

This moving, personal account of overcoming depression is both a memoir and playbook for using creativity to cope with challenges.

First, my book was selected from a list of submissions to be reviewed, next the critique came in and will be published in their March-April edition. All I know is the printer better stock up on ink because the orders will just come pouring in! Blast off!!

with love,


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