I do it anyway (even when it’s scary)

2017 is about…

e n t e r e d   E x p a n s i o n

Those words are set as my theme for the year. I have posted them large on my office wall, where my desk faces.

The following affirmations* help guide me in all that I do and all that I am, a whole-hearted person no longer shy about beaming her light, lovingly… Someone who has let go of fear, nervousness and worry, because they no longer serve me. I just don’t need them anymore.

  1. I am a song of peace and healing for the world.
  2. I am lovingly co-creating my gift to the world.
  3. I take root and am grounded in the physical.
  4. I am stong and courageous and I hold the power to accomplish anything I choose.
  5. I am at home in all the worlds of power and transformation.
  6. I dare to be transformed by the flames of passion and creativity!
  7. I stay centered in the midst of many demands on my time and attention.



With love,


* inspired by Joanna Powell Colbert oracle cards

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