The Morning Show – CHEX TV

I’ll be appearing on live TV on the morning of my book launch, that’s Tuesday, February 21 @ 8:20 a.m. It’s a short segment – just a five-minute interview – so watch you don’t blink!

I’ve always liked Teresa Kaszuba, The Morning Show’s co-host and interviewer; she’s down-to-earth, friendly and she has a beautiful, forthcoming smile. Maybe it’s thanks to our Polish heritage in common but I just know we’ll hit it off  🙂

The last time I was in a live TV studio was at the age of six! Yup, we’re talking CHCH TV in Timmins, when my class was invited to sing Christmas carols at the station as part of the evening newscast – and this little girl had the winter sniffles, choosing the exact moment when the camera zoomed in on her to run her sleeve under her nose (as my sibblings relished in recounting). Thankfully my current cold is over now – no danger of live TV sniffles!

3173228-p-multiviewI would like to wear these boots for some extra pizzaz though – if I owned them, which I don’t.  I mean, how could you NOT feel like taking over the world with these beauties on your feet?! … just kickin’ it, grandma! Sniff.

Michèle xox

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