What I Wish I’d Known


Another of my articles was picked up by WomanlyWoman.com as a guest blog — “What I wish I had known about creativity and depression”.

That’s now 4 out of 4 (articles published – not braggin’, just sayin’ ! :), which is pretty sweet all on its own. But for the icing on this cake, check out the first reader comment at the end of the piece.20170330_210902

Now THAT warms my heart!

Love, Michèle 

2 thoughts on “What I Wish I’d Known

  1. Jane Gragtmans says:

    I am almost finished reading Michele’s incredibly passionate and authentic journey to becoming the best that she can be. I am humbled by your achievements. Inspired by your tenacity! Encouraged by your resources, your incredible self love, your willingness to be fearless and true to yourself. Lots of great take aways. Thank you Michele for having the courage to share such a personal journey with us. I am so sure you will inspire and help many with this story. I am looking forward to explore my own creativity on my own journey. I used to do artistic crafts up until my 20’s and haven’t done much since work and family. Now in my 50’s I see this is a part of me that needs rekindling to reawaken a very important part of me and help me become the best I can be. Thank you for the reminder. Loved your exploration of your spirituality and how honest you were in sharing what most hold closer to their hearts. This was so worthwhile to read. Much love, Jane (Anne’s friend😊)


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