Amy Bleuel

I didn’t know Amy personally but she influenced me in a positive way all the same. Amy is the young woman behind Project Semicolon, and my wrist tatoo.

20160909_123424Amy Bleuel founded the Semicolon Project, which aims to end the stigma around mental illness.

In writing, the semicolon is used when the thought in the sentence is not over; it wants to continue. In life, the semicolon says, “My life is NOT over; I have chosen otherwise”.

Amy was a mental heald advocate who touched millions all over the world. It saddens my heart to know that she could not find a way to continue in her life. She was not able to tap into her joy. Amy died by suicide.

May you find joy where you are now, Amy.

Love and healing to you, Michèle


One thought on “Amy Bleuel

  1. Lorraine Dal Bello says:

    Your comments about Amy are so very touching. It hurts to realize how devastating mental illness can affect one’s soul; and I did not even know Amy. God bless as he wraps his arms around you both, Amy and Michele. xo Zoz


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