Radio Interview Live

Pamela-Brewer-Sidebar-QuoteDr. Pamela Brewer is a bright, warm-hearted psychotherapist and the host of a daily on-line radio show on mental health and relationships at

This morning, we spent a delightful hour discussing my book and personal experience in coping with depression, how I was able to become well and stay well, how I managed the return-to-work process, the importance of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in my healing, and the role of creativity and spirituality in my get-well plan.

The interview will be aired on Wednesday, April 19 and be included in the extensive library of previously aired interviews. Here is the direct link.

In the meantime, I encourage you to visit her website and peruse the variety of topics presented including a fascinating exchange with Erik Vance on “Your Brain’s Ability to Deceive, Transform and Heal”, an enlightening interview on Autism Spectrum Behaviour with Cecelia Knight, and a candid talk with Trillion Small, author of Caged In Hearth, who shares her story of achievement while searching for her complete self.

Past interviews are also available on the MyNDTalk app from iTunes and GooglePlay.

love, M i c h è l e

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