Mr/Mrs Harris

I20170508_131008t’s not every fabric addict that has in her pocession a large enough piece of delectable Harris Tweed with which to make something (70 cm x 140 cm, about 3/4 of a yard); not every addict is fortunate enugh to hold the genuine and authenticated wool fabric in her hands, the one with the distinguished, extra-large label we’ve come to admire. Some of us have admired it only from a distance… Ah, to have her very own piece of this world-renowed textile, handwoven by delicate and knowing hands in the choicest, earthy colours, for her very own… No, I don’t think every fabricaholic can say so. But I can 🙂20170509_124601

The package came from Rye, England this week and included a few other delightful pieces such as the half-meter of oxblood-colour oilcloth – what the Brits call oilskin – for making a uniquely-me rain/fog hunting hat (because of all the fog we’ve been getting in Peterborough – hee hee!) and to wear when I go hunting up at the cabin! (Yeah, like I’m gonna go and kill critters now just ’cause I have the hat?! Naw, the only shooting I’ll be doing is aiming at a target bag with my pretty bow, Joy,  and her bright pink arrows. But I will be dressed for it! Make no mistake 🙂20170509_124516

The Harris tweed will have to wait a bit before knowing its ultimate shape and purpose; I plan on enjoying its pure essence at The Sewing Studio a bit longer, to delight in the perfection of its raw state – in all its naked splendor. Maybe I’ll never cut into it. Or maybe I will but not for awhile. First, I must savour it and let it tell me what it wants to become. hmm… another hat perhaps, or a messenger bag, or partnered on a cross-body bag with tan-olive-coloured suede harvested from a Danier suit from the thrift store. The possibilities astound!

My friends, welcome to my bliss 🙂


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