The Mimi-Tunic Class

Had a blast working with two students – Carol and Sue – in today’s session, the first of 4 Friday afternoon classes in which I teach my typical process and techniques used in constructing a Mimi-style tunic.

Sample Mimi-style Tunic

Starting with a men’s dress shirt (or two) as the base, we move to deconstructing and harvesting choice pieces, and putting the puzzle back together into a new creation. The process is highly creative as well as challenging because the brain is continually being asked to solve construction ‘problems’ in order to achieve the desired look.

It is a wonderful study of allowing the established sewing rules to be broken in order to re-make a garment to match a desire – the guiding principle being, “How do you want to feel when wearing this tunic?”

It’s great fun to suspend reality for a couple hours and let the imagination take centre stage.

With love,


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