Enough with the migraines

Over the years, I have learned to accept migraine days for what they are, a thing with a strong personality that takes me over, and one where “resistance is futile”as the Borg of Star Trek fame are apt to claim. Migraines just are and so it is. Sometimes I don’t even mind them so much because they force me to rest and stop doing; if they’re not too severe, I can get a lot of quiet knitting done during a migraine day or two. That’s a positive spin…

But come on, now! Two migraines in a week!? Week after week? I’m just not THAT into knitting, honestly!

Oh, and I am thankful that I’ve learned not to put off what I can do today ’cause tomorrow might well be a migraine. But sometimes, especially when it prevents me from spending precious time with my boy and his wife at their baby shower (like today!) I just want to scream…


Feeling grumpy,


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