A little energetic medicine please

Having experienced a relative reprieve from chronic headaches for about a year following my retirement in 2016, the rascals have been back since June. Head pain plagues me not every day, but every week for 2, often 3, sometimes 4 days running. Being an active woman who MUST create and make stuff, I tend to pack in as much as I can into my good days; and I am hugely grateful for the freedom afforded by  those times!

I’ve explored many and varied avenues over the years in search of relief, always hoping for the illusive key that would rid me of these monsters, who love nothing better than taking over my body – and my life. If it’s not a migraine then it’s what is referred to as a tension headache. (Yes, I’ve had an MRI, been checked for TMJ, done drugs, essential oils, EFT, psychotherapy, chiropractic and massage, acupuncture, allergy testing, blood type diet, meditation, CPAP for sleep apnea, eliminated dairy and wheat, caffeine and citrus, salami and cheese. I even explored having my ear pierced in a very specific spot for relief.)  My latest exploration is energetic healing, where the body is encouraged to heal itself through clearing energetic channels/systems/fields, and attracting and directing purified and healing energetic flow. Amazing stories of self-healing from the cruelest of illnesses abound. My headaches are puny by comparison but why not a little healing for me? I, too, want some natural healing for overcoming my body’s dis-ease.

But where to start? Most importantly, where do I choose to risk investing my precious dollars  on the promise of possible help? When so many promissing options haved disapponted in the past? Thankfully, I know people who know people… And I was referred to Denis Chagnon of Val-des-Monts, Québec, for an in-person experience. He just happens to be giving a workshop this week less than 2 hours away from my home.

Yipdeedoo! I’m in! I’ll report my findings next time.

Wish me luck, and inspired, healing moments. 🤗Workshop-DC-hands-on-energy-mississauga-6-January-2018-b



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