Five days and counting – my report

Having chosen my teachers, Denis Chagnon in-person (see my previous post) and the other via her writing (Energy Medicine, by Donna Eden, is a 400-page book based on 30+ years of practicing energetic healing first on herself, having suffered from numerous health issues including M.S., tuberculosis, severe food allergies and asthma, a heart attack, and a breast tumour, all by the age of 35, and her helping practice with a zillion clients over ten thousand 90-minute sessions and teaching hundreds of classes), I’m feeling solidly on my path to a healthier head.

Last week I learned that much of the energy coming through my body is sitting stagnant and not circulating the way it should for optimal health. And what does get through is not being grounded properly, which evidently is a situation experienced by many nowadays. And something I can help rectify using the techniques I was taught at the workshop.

I also learned that our body has its own intelligence separate from the brain. For instance, the heart has its own energy field, registering 60 times greater than the brain when measuring electromagnetic amplitude, and it even holds information about the person, as witnessed by heart-transplant recipients. And I learned that the body’s energy field responds to intention and thoughts, that it likely has intelligence too.  It’s fascinating and stimulating stuff!

Learning what the body was designed for and used to know how to do naturally, healing itseld, is something I dearly want to gain. And to potentially witness this amazing self-healing machine in action – what a thrill!

FYI, I’ve been doing my homework religiously since the workshop and I am pleased to report that I’ve been headache-free for 5 days straight, which may not seem like much to most but it is a delight to me!



2 thoughts on “Five days and counting – my report

  1. Lorraine Dal Bello says:

    Michele, ma belle. You are God’s delight and mine. xo so glad re headaches. Never give up is my strategy. Taurus is stubborn? Nahhhhh just plenty determined.

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