Introducing …the Unisex Commuter Bag (changed from Man-Bag)

Men have stuff too! And once they experience the convenience of having their critical-few items handy at all times, they choose not to do without.

Here’s an earth-friendly option for the stylish people in your life… designed especially for him, but appealing to her too.

As with other AppleTowne bags, the material is reclaimed primarily from wool jackets and coats, kilts and tartan skirts, and quality leather garments. For the sides (gusset) I have chosen oilskin from the UK – called waxed cotton on this side of the ocean – because of its durability, earthy look and feel, and the way it can squish down flat, perfect for travel or when the load is lighter.

Inside the bag is a gently padded divider meant for a tablet or small laptop, a zipped pocket to secure those important items (travel documents, perhaps) and a row of compartments handy for a phone, business cards, pen, gadget charger and power cords …

Dedicated to the working men and women in my life, I give you… the Unisex Commuter Bag!



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P.S.  While starting life as the “Man-Bag” this little number quickly adopted a gender-neutral name as I found that women are drawn to it too.



4 thoughts on “Introducing …the Unisex Commuter Bag (changed from Man-Bag)

    • Sylvia says:

      This came into my Facebook feed this morning and i just have to write to you again to tell you that these bags, and all of your creations, are so unique, so well-made, so filled with great energy that I just had to write you again! They are so scrumptious if they were cake I would gobble them up! (and we all know how much I like cake…) Gagetown is lucky to have you, you are a gift to the world!


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