Gretta – my right-hand girl

Quiet as a mouse and strong like bull, I am thrilled to introduce Ms. Gretta MacJuki, the newest addition to AppleTowne Designs’ growing arsenal of sewing tools. And this no-nonsense workhorse is already leading the charge!

Following a three-hour romance in her stall at International Sewing Machine Group in Brantford, ON, last month, she willingly jumped in the car for the final leg to Peterborough from Kingsville. Thank goodness for my “girl-truck” in which everything FITS! ’cause she’s a genuine industrial girl… big and beautiful (to my eyes, anyhow…) and oh-so eager to perform!

Like the Percheron breed of draft horses – known for its intelligence and willingness to work – Ms. Gretta has flewn through her early trials, earning blue ribbons across the board. She has constructed a load of ladies’ going-out bags, a new design created for the upcoming Capital $100 or Less Mother’s Day Art Sale in Fredericton, NB.
A sampling of Mother’s Day bags

Top marks, Gretta!

p.s. I bought the used walking-foot machine from International Sewing Machine Group. I highly recommend this family owned business; they are kind, professional and trustworthy.

2 thoughts on “Gretta – my right-hand girl

    • says:

      Oui, pareil comme celle de mom, sauf avec un moteur neuf, moderne et silencieux, et avec plus de dents! Être obligée de la vendre lui a brisé le coeur… je pense à elle quand je couds 😍 Notre belle Maman xox merci, Anne.


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