Mixed Media Art Journaling

Try as I might, I won’t be making bags and hats for a time, a couple more months anyhow. The ‘rest’ is to heal a herniated disk in my neck due to repetitive strain injury. Yes, I am officially on hiatus from Josephine and Big Greta, from the cutting table and the steam press. But not from creativity!


I’ve set up a side-studio for playing with varied art materials… watercolour, craft and acrylic paints, inks, texture paste, glue and découpage finish, stencils, brushes, sponges, markers… Most important for my situation, I am learning to use a stand-up easel to keep my neck facing straight ahead. That, plus chiropractic and daily exercises – and sunshine, audio-books, King Cole tea, and my sister’s leftover popcicles.

I am treating this down-time as a wonderful opportunity to explore my creativity in new ways.

But did you know that I still should not paint for 8 hours straight to avoid the overwork effects the next day? And further delay my healing? Me neither!

Oh, right! It’s about B – A – L – A – N – C – E . . . How easily this girl forgets!

I am slowly remembering now, how central this notion of balance has been in my life, especially for healing big bo-bo’s. I guess this down-time is also serving to re-centre myself on the core needs of which creativity is one, albeit a hugely important one. But, so is keeping the human machine functioning and healthy. Right.



2 thoughts on “Mixed Media Art Journaling

  1. Sylvia Swiderski says:

    Michèle, J’adore tes (…?…) ne sais pas trop comment les appeler, haha. (peintures, aventures, recherches créatives), surtout le premier des petites bonnes femmes! You never cease to amaze me!
    Your sis,


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