Art it Out

I still need to talk it out sometimes, that is, an emotion or situation that is dragging me down. But ever since I discovered art journaling a few months ago, I find that if I also ‘Art it Out’ (create an art journal page on whatever is bugging me) the emotion, whether sadness, frustration, anger, or overwhelm disappears. And in my experience so far, the yucky feeling does not return.

I learned about art journaling from my new friend, Shelley, of Beyond the Fog art journaling studio in Oromocto, NB. Spending most of my days lately making art, much of it in my art journals (yes, I have several journals going at once, it’s just part of the creative process) has been an incredibly fulfilling adventure. And a wonderful surprise to me, considering this art-journaling venture was intended as a temporary creative outlet while my body heals from sewing abuse!

At this point in my healing journey, I feel inspired to share the ‘Art it Out’ concept with a few friends. And so, I am opening my studio to them on Sunday afternoons. I look forward to the creative exchange…

Let the party begin!


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