Katrina Slade’s Art Class

Sadly, freezing rain might keep me home this evening rather than travel to Fredericton’s College of Craft and Design for my number 5 of 7 Mixed Media Art Class. It’s double sad because tonight, we’re having a guest instructor, Rebecca Sentgeorge.

Such is the way of things when AppleTowne Designs stays East for Christmas in the Village – inclement weather can slam into plans!

I wanted to share my work so far because it has been such fun!

Class #1 – Everyday Objects, drawing & watercolour, inspired by Danny Gregory.

As you can gather, we were to draw what was around us in class (first double-spread picture) and as our home challenge, we drew items from a selected room. I chose interesting tools and supplies from my studio.

Class #2 – Places & Spaces, drawing & watercolour with focus on perspective, inspired by Elisa Burke and Urban Sketchers

The first picture is of a hallway just outside our classroom, a complicated space that challenged us in learning how to capture perspective. While this class was quite technical compared to the others, I really enjoyed the learning. I might have felt my brain stretching this evening…

#3 – People, collage, inspired by Flora Bowley

The first picture is for Robert who really likes crows.

#4 – Your Life Today, collage with acrylic, Sabrina Ward Harrison

We were asked to express something personal and to think about fitting style to sentiment. I chose migraine given its huge impact in my life. But rather than an aggressive expression, I show a less-known aspect of the condition. The quiet style of this piece is both an interesting exercise and a way to express the feeling of overwhelm and implosion that migraine imposes for a time.

I signed up for this art course as a learning challenge, and it has fulfilled that promise already. I’m learning to explore different art styles, to keep what I like and store the rest, to trust my drawing skills, and to see through another’s eyes.

I really like my instuctor, Katrina Slade, for her sunny disposition, her artistic style, and her professional teaching approach. And I plan to take a second course remotely this winter, along with our intimate group of 4 students – because we each want to prolong the joyful experience!