My Spiritual-Life Journal from Growth Roots Co.

When I began my conscious walk toward getting closer to God (last fall) I adopted a number of spiritual practices, some daily, some weekly, each with its own journal. I ended up with enough new things I was doing, that I needed a master journal – I called it the motherboard – to keep track and remind me of all the stuff. Let me show you what I mean with a picture.

Here is what I had on the go:

1. Bible Study Journal

2. Prayer Book - letters that I wrote to God

3. Prayer Book - weekly planner for focussed praying on specific people in my life, different each day of the week

4. Journal for capturing spiritual quotes and other gems

5. Scripture Writing Journal

6. Master Tracker / art Journal (the motherboard)

In addition, I started a Dream Journal at about the same time to document my sleeping “stories”, as well as a bullet journal to capture stuff that doesn’t change year-to-year – a catch-all A5 size book to replace all the bits of paper and lists that were floating around my disorganized world. I wanted to feel better organized. And I did. But that is a whole lot of books! Too many for me.

Today, I have only one spiritual-life journal that happily holds together everything I want and more. I still use 3 from that original bunch but only as needed: catch-all bullet journal, scripture writing journal, and dream journal.

Designed and independently published in California by a busy mom, my Growth Roots Co. journal is a beautiful thing. I’ve been using this everything-spiritual-and-life-journal for 5 months already, and I am delighted with it. So much so that I have ordered a second.

Totaling 190 pages, it is designed to be used over 12 months. I am currently on page 92 and I could probably make it to month 12, and I write a fair bit. But I’ll likely decide to start my new book in January, because that seems a natural time to take a break and look ahead, a time to assess the past year and envision the next. (I love the week after Christmas and before the first Monday in January for this. It feels like no-man’s land with most people off visiting family, and I feel it offers the perfect time for introspection.) Besides, I enjoy the symmetry of a January start. But since this journal is not dated, you can start and end it whenever it suits.

The 8″ x 10″ hardback, linen-covered book offers numbered, dod-grid pages that are tough enough for mixed-media art. Which is important to me as you will see in the photos below. It includes the right amount of sections for my taste, providing an all-around practical and pleasurable journaling experience. Bonus of bonuses, it fits perfectly into my Creative Memories zippered cover designed for their Happy Planner. Oh, happy day!!

Here’s what’s inside in terms of sections:
– Faith Goals – I added the word Desires in mine
– Blank Table of Contents – meant to be used like a flexible subject index in bullet-journal style
– Prayer List – with a spot for the date when prayer is answered
– God’s Faithfulness – to record God’s hand in your life
– Memory Verses – memorising verses is not one of my practices, so I simply record meaningful verses in this area
– Book Record – a place to jot down books you want to read, with a date to mark when done
– Bible Reading Checklist – in chart style, circles are filled in as chapters of books are read. I’ve added a Bible Bookcase sketch here that I colour in as books are read, purely for visual appeal
– Monthly Reflection – 12 add-in pages are supplied, one for each month, with prompts to review the past 30 days, and for praying over your longer-term faith goals, and reaffirming a spiritual declaration. I love this monthly review – it keeps it all fresh and relevant to my life even as it evolves, and accounts for when life spreads into new directions.

Note – Because the journal comes from Southern California, be prepared for a steep shipping cost to Canada; luckily I ordered my first journal from their 25% off seconds sale in February, which kinda offset that cost. But I ordered my second from their regular stock because I didn’t want to miss out, and it was worth it to me.

p.s. Every journal is prayed on before shipping, with the prayer date included on a card. A nice touch indeed.

p.s. 2 – As I write this, a wonderful song sparrow is making his pretty voice heard over my head, as I sit under a red maple in our little natural oasis. (Yes, I am wearing a hat!) It doesn’t get much better!

p.s. 3 – Just steeped the most delightful cuppa chai tea… as a super fan of this soothing hot drink, I know that not all chai teas are created equal. If I can’t have an authentic chai made by an Indian tea expert (is there an equivalent tea-word like coffee barista?) I’ll take this new-to-me home-brew version from Cedar & Co. Bonaticals in Bancroft ON, a new eco-centered shop. This spicey blend is on a darjeerling base, which might be what makes it taste a little different, I really don’t know. And I am wondering if I couldn’t make something similar myself that would match its refined flavour. Hmmm. I do enjoy a DIY challenge!

God bless,


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