Ingenuity – or DIY

Oh! Oh! I just can’t keep it bottled up!! I need to spill my creative ingenuity with you… It provides such joy for my soul. And I hope it sparks some ideas for you too.

I made my own luscious leather Bible cover, and I LOVE how it turned out! With a rich texture and delicious soft touch, it gladdens my heart every time I pick it up.

Removable cover

I’ve been using a new journaling Bible for the past month specifically for capturing Bible Study notes. Published by Crossway, it is described as an interleaved Bible, with every other page left blank – specifically designed for notetaking, art journaling or a combination of both. Luckily, the translation it comes in, the English Standard Version (ESV), is one that I have come to prefer for digging into the Word for deeper understanding. This Bible accompanies me through the Daily Grace Bible studies that I so enjoy. And it was affordable – about $23 ($18 USD from, currently out of stock)

Here’s where ingenuity begins to shine. I’ve been sorely tempted to buy a second of the same Bible but with a natural leather cover at significantly higher cost. ($110/$86 USD But I had a serious talk with my little self, even prayed to get me away from this needless expense (“Give that money to the foodbank instead, you spending nut!”)

So I made my own luscious cover.

I just happen to have the perfect buckskin in my leather stash (remnant from a First Nations tunic purchased over 30 years ago at the old Frontier Town theme park in the Adirondack mountains.) And, I just happen to have an industrial walking foot sewing machine that stitches through this leather like butter.

I love my new Bible cover even more than the mass-produced version that had caught my eye. Mine has provenance, with the lovely character marks of the original wear and tear. And it is uniquely mine. It will last well into the next decade. I’ll likely run out of writing space before my covering is worn. But not to worry… I designed the cover to easily slip off the Bible to accommodate a fresh version down the road. The store-bought cover doesn’t do that. I am more than pleased!

Marks of Character!

Speaking of ingenuity, resulting from high cross-border shipping costs…

My favourite thing to do during the in-between days that fall between Christmas and the new year, is to look back to the previous year’s goals, and consider where I want to set my sights for the coming year. I’ve never been interested in traditional-style resolutions, but I do set my imagination on a certain direction or vision for the next 12 months. In previous years, my goals were primarily business-related. But with the closing of AppleTowne Designs my goals now are more spiritual in nature.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed using the Growth Roots Co.’s journal for 2021 and had planned to continue with a fresh book for 2022 which I already have. And because I started including notes from my Heart To Freedom work in addition to Bible Study journeying, I planned to use two journals to cover the year. But the cost for one more journal with shipping from California – in effect doubling the price – led me to forego these beautiful linen-covered books, and to customize my own using a similar inside structure.

Last Year’s Journal

I do wish that I could continue supporting this small business. But in this case, too much is too much. It’s a matter of $77 ($59 USD) versus $19 for a local Staples brand journal ($15 USD). I couldn’t justify it. And I prefer spending locally when I can.

I love my customized journal a lot, especially for the personal touches I’ve added throughout. And I am itching to put some words in there… Hello 2022!

DIY 2022 Journal
My Word of the Year is REACH… It’s a broad-reaching word that I hope will broaden my horizons – all virtually of course!
Can you imagine setting God-sized goals? oh ya!

How blessed I feel to have been given a creative and resourceful mind, and DIY hands.

p.s. I have finally found a ‘system’ that puts my go-to Bible study resources close at hand while keeping my art-journaling work surface un-encumbered. Because I often do both things together. It is good to start the new year feeling organized.

May 2022 be a healthy and joyful one for you, dear reader.

Much love, M

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