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A JoyFul Life – How to use your creative spirit to manage depression is “a moving, personal account of overcoming depression – both a memoir and playbook for using creativity to cope with challenges.” Forward Reviews

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I spent many years struggling with on-again-off-again depression and generalized anxiety. Today, I am depression-free and have been well for the last six years. Although I will always be susceptible to relapse from the illness, medication keeps me feeling strong and confident about the future. I joyfully shine my light brightly wherever I am.

I did a lot of work to free myself of the oppressiveness of depression and the mind-control of anxiety. And I did it my way, with Spirit and creativity as major players. I long to tell my story, if only to give some hope. Because HOPE is what gets us through the day. And HOPE is what connects us with Spirit.

A Joyful Life – How to Work with your Creative Spirit to Manage Depression is my story, a memoir that sheds light on my battle with the illness of darkness. The book follows my journey as I came to find ‘greatness’ through the struggle, through a deep and lasting healing from depression, generalized anxiety and PTSD. The experience has shaped my world. Because it is a story of hope.

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3 thoughts on “About the Book

  1. MicheleSwiderski.com says:

    I read your wonderful article -Checklist for Mental Health on Mindbodygreen. I very much appreciated it and found it to be so valuable, informative and so well written!
    I am a full-time working RN, wife, mother, grandmother and aspiring writer on the topics of Holistic health and wellness, self empowerment, self healing, advocacy for abuse survivors and other related issues.
    I would appreciate your sharing with me any advice you have on how you became so knowledgeable and how you were able to start writing professionally.
    Thank you for any reply.

    Hi Linda, thank you for your great feedback – it means a lot to me! Wow, you are taking on quite a topic area – much needed, that’s for sure. How I became so knowledgeable is through personal experience (the best teacher, right?) and a compelling drive to help those who also battle with mental health issues. I’ve been journaling for years as a way to process and understand what I was going through, what was wrong with my life, and what changes I needed to make. The usual stuff, I’m sure. I decided I needed to write a book from the heart that included my tools and resources, for readers desperate for a light to help them through their struggles. My journey was an incredible, spirit-filled experience that I just had to share with the world. Plain and simple. I found my publisher, KiCam Projects, through an on-line search; they specialize in memoirs on overcoming adversity. Best of luck with your ideas. Be well 🙂


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