Art Ministry School

Having explored how to merge art-making with my faith these past two years, I would love to spread this creative notion farther. My hope is to encourage other Christians – who may or may not express themselves through art – to experience how their faith can intertwine with basic or advanced art-making. Adding a new facet to their faith enables one part to strengthen the other.

It is truly a joyful pursuit especially when Holy Spirit is invited to play.

Today, I was accepted in the Foundations of Art Ministry School – an online, hands-on program at God Loves Art that teaches much of what I will need to know for launching myself in art ministry. Jessie Nilo, founder of the school, is a 20-year art-ministry veteran in her church and community, with many lessons learned to share. I look forward to learning from her experience and from my student cohort, as I spread my wings in unknown but delicous territory.

What is art ministry? Simply put, art ministry is about ministering to others through art – be it visual arts, theatre, poetry, music, etc. In my case, it’s about taking a natural talent for hand-crafting things of beauty and merging that with my faith – by inviting Spirit to join me in the creative process.

The resulting art becomes infused with a spirituality that is felt not only by the artist but remarkably, also by the viewer. It’s an unexplainable thing, but it is very much there. Which is quite an awesome thing when you think about it!

School begins January 2. Oh yes, I am chuffed…

Bless you all, and I wish you a wonderful Christmas.

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