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–  Learn it.   Make it.   Love it.  


10 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Lorraine Dal Bello says:

    Hello Michele. In the middle of a recent move to a city 7 driving hrs away from our home town, (some would refer to as a move from hell) I received an email inviting me to check out your website. Good idea Lorraine! Take a short break from life with 3 young grandkiddies visiting grandma (me), a house that did not close on the scheduled day, a house full of boxes not yet unpacked, a charity golf tournament I’m organizing, checking out your website sounded like a fab idea. Wow. I was “gobsmacked”. I not only checked out your website, I read every word. Each page was so compelling. Thank you for the inspiration, the courage, the great “job-aid”. I am humbled. Your words, your story, your life all felt overflowing with divine inspiration. For once in my life, I’m looking forward to February (your book release date) even if I’m not a fan of winter. I like to golf.

    Love, hugs, blessings, appreciation.


  2. Jaime says:

    I look forward to reading your book…. I myself understand what it’s like to deal and cope with anxiety and depression… it truly is amazing once your open about it all how many ppl are really sharing that journey with you! Keep smiling it’s contagious: )


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