Feature Artist

Well I’ll be! Here I am, the feature artist for September at Peterborough’s Meta4 Gallery… Tell your friends! (Hee hee!)

On top of its ecological friendliness, up-cycling appeals to Michele’s practical roots, where thrift store finds were a source of ingenuity, not shame. And where linings from old fur coats could be transformed into gorgeous satin pants! These days, making new pieces from old ones nourishes her creative impulse and supports new, one-of-a-kind designs. Clients appreciate wearing a purse or messenger bag with its own prior history – yet made new.

META4 Contemporary Craft Gallery

164 Hunter Street West,
Peterborough, ON
email in Peterborough

200 Queen St.
Port Perry, ON
L9L 1B8
email in Port Perry

3 thoughts on “Feature Artist

  1. Lorraine says:

    The hats and purses look fabulous but what is also impressive is the beauty of the artist, inside and out. Such a glowing picture of you Michèle. The smile. It reflects in your work.


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